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Skin can only function at its healthiest when its treated right. It needs to be nourished from the inside. Estrogen and progesterone are what the skin cells need to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, muscle and bone. Everything that helps us maintain our youthful appearance.

The Science Behind Estrogen: Healthy Skin = Youthful Skin.


High levels of estrogen are linked to high collagen production. As your estrogen levels drop, your collagen production decreases along with it.

That’s because collagen makes up roughly 70-80% of the weight of your skin. You lose 30% of your skin’s collagen in the first few years after estrogen levels decline. When your collagen levels are high, your skin looks plump and youthful. Low collagen makes the skin:

Less elastic
Thin and fragile

Estrogen is Anti-Aging for Your Skin.

Tightens, hydrates & thickens skin
Increases collagen
Boosts turnover of new skin cells
Wound healing
Reduces wrinkles

Inner balance gets hormones. and we get your skin.

Wrinkles form when estrogen and progesterone decline. Treating and preventing wrinkles by replacing missing hormones targets the root cause. Start and make your skin as bright and dewy as morning.

Why hormones work best

Collagen supplements alone won’t replace, or stimulate new collagen.
Estrogen is needed for the cells to make collagen.
Collagen is too big to penetrate the skin. Those collagen creams are nothing more than a fancy moisturizer.
Botox and lasers are only a temporary fix.

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