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Fortunately, a low sex drive is optional. The best sex of your life is after 40 (if you want it to be). Estrogen decline is a major contributor. When this happens, women find it challenging to get excited about sex. In addition, weight gain, mood changes and fatigue also caused by low hormones can decrease confidence in-between the sheets. Our clients tell us that our method is effective at putting them more in the mood.

Low Estrogen = Low Sex Drive.

What happens?

Vaginal Discomfort

Without estrogen, the vaginal walls become thinner, less elastic and less lubricated, which can cause discomfort. The pH is also impacted, allowing bad bacteria and yeast to grow. Vaginal dryness and frequent infections both put the damper on the mood.

Vaginal Sensitivity

Estrogen allows for the production of nitric oxide and improved blood flow to the vagina and clitoris - increasing sensitivity and arousal.

Mood and Desire

If you find yourself less interested, or are too fatigued, stressed, or un-motivated to consider it - hormones influence mood and emotions. This is can impact your desire for sexual intimacy, arousal and even orgasm.


This is when it is persistently difficult or impossible to reach orgasm, even after years with no problems. Low hormones can contribute due to decreased sensitivity, increased anxiety, or lack of arousal.

Estrogen Fixes What’s Between the Sheets.

Desire & Arousal





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Women get their sex drive from estrogen. Restore it to what it was and you will notice a difference in just a few weeks. We have experts waiting to help you get you back on top.

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